Mag + Sóak Bundle
Mag + Sóak Bundle
Mag + Sóak Bundle
Mag + Sóak Bundle
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Mag + Sóak Bundle

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Beagán (Little) Bundle (Reg. $41)

Coco Oat Beagán (Little) (100g)
Coco Cream Beagán (Little) (130g)
Blush Beagán (Little) (160g)
Magnesium Oil Beagán (Little) (60 ml)

Mór (Big) Bundle (Reg. $107)

Coco Oat Mór (Big) (300g)
Coco Cream Mór (Big) (400g)
Blush Mór (Big) (500g)
Magnesium Oil Mór (Big) (250 ml)

Directions for use: Add one to three tablespoons to warm running bath water. Intended to be used in place of soap.

Topical Magnesium Oil can reduce stress and anxiety, help with sleep, relieve aches and pains and even migraines!

Recommended for Adults only. 7-10 sprays before bed anywhere you have aches.
For usage on children, we ask that you do your own research and use it if you are comfortable.
May cause skin to feel slightly itchy. Can also dilute with by applying body oil or body butter immediately after the Magnesium Oil.
Ingredients: Distilled Water and Magnesium Chloride. 

*Check our Testimonials page for customer reviews and additional uses.

***NOTE due to the salt content of our Blush Soak, ensure your child does not drink the bath water*

****Our Oat Kernel Flour is processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts.